about us

CBAY came to life in 2017 after multiple requests from Captains, Management Companies & Owners. In an industry of excess, CBAY provides a unique solution for Superyachts to sell the items the yachts no longer use onboard.
CBAY is now the best and most reliable secondhand sales partner of the yachting industry, serving hundreds of yachts with sales of their quality items.
One of our key goals is to make the industry more sustainable by being a sales partner. Allowing the yachts to free up space & make money, in return we provide opportunities through our eCommerce which gives a second life to thousands of items.
We take pride in providing a quality solution where a win-win situation is prevalent through every transaction. CBAY has a proven “Request to Sell” filtering process to guarantee the items holds the functionality, condition, and quality to meet our standards.

Why us

Largest and most reliable second-hand selling partner in the yachting industry
cbay why us
Offering pickup, storage, advertising and a platform specifically dedicated to the vendor
cbay why us
We specify in the yachting industry since we are a group of founders, who have spent years in the industry ourselves
cbay why us
Sell your items and have a transparent view of how the items are moving along
cbay why us
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